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Maguire : CAFA’s 2022 winner

Maguire : CAFA’s 2022 winner

October 15, 2022, Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards (CAFA) reunited artists, influencers, fashion industry business leaders around the country to commemorate the winners at their eighth annual awards gala in Toronto.

It’s with great pride that Maguire won the award for emerging talent, in the accessories category. In the same category, we could find Jewels & Aces, Combinist Goods, Mas, Steff Eleoff et Cynthia Miglio. 

Maguire’s founders, Myriam and Romy Belzile-Maguire, had the chance to attend CAFA’s gala co-animated by the Canadian activist, sommelier and model Grace Mahary and by the Quebec actress Karine Vanasse. Every year, CAFA awards multiple prizes to new Canadian talents in the fashion industry that stood out during the year.

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