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Our Story


Welcome to Maguire.  We are an independant female-led company working to make high-quality fashion footwear fair and accessible.

We design original shoes and accessories, and partner with hand-picked manufactures around the world to produce them.  Then we sell directly to you, through our website, pop-ups, and boutiques.

By working directly with manufacturers and selling directly to consumers, we cut out agents, distributors, and other middlemen who inflate the price you pay at retail. In fact many of our factories are the very same that produce for other top names, but we sell at half their prices. This means you get the same quality at a fair price, as you can see in our Transparent Price policy.

We are a force for change in an industry that has remained static for too long.  From supply chain to in-store experience, we are re-thinking fashion footwear from the ground up. It's luxury made friendly. It’s Maguire.

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