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5 reasons we have the best long lasting winter boots!

5 reasons we have the best long lasting winter boots!

As Canadians we know a thing or two about winters and as a Quebec brand, we know a lot. One day there’s a fresh powdery snow fall and before you know it the sidewalk has become an ice rink. Not to forget the lakes of slush that come in between. Whatever it is, we've most likely experienced it.

Over the past four years, our team has been designing and developing winter boots and this year we’re launching our biggest winter boot collection yet!

Here are five important reasons why our winter boots are the best. 

 1. Genuine Shearling lining to keep you warm


We use 100% real sheepskin shearling for our fully lined winter boots as well as our removable shearling insoles. Not only does it do an amazing job at keeping the shoe warm and handling the extreme cold, it still permits the air to circulate allowing the feet to breathe.

 2. Thick outsole to prevent pesky salt stains


 When the ground is covered in snow, it only makes sense to keep your feet above. This is why all of our winter boots have a chunky outsole or a mini heel. Elevation is key for staying away from slush and preventing the salt stains that we all hate!

  3. A fitted and high ankle: No snow going inside these boots!


We wanted to make sure all of our winter boots hit slightly higher than the ankle and are also more fitted around the ankle. Depending on your preference, calf size and foot type you can choose between boots with laces, zippers and elastic gussets. We all know that getting snow inside your boot is one of the worst feelings, with our designs you have a better chance at avoiding this!

 4. Extra material above the sole: For added protection against water


A small but important detail that can easily go unnoticed. If you take a good look, you'll notice that our winter boots often have an extra protective layer above the outsole. This gives extra protection to the boot against the rain and snow. This detail comes in especially handy for our suede boots as it's a more delicate fabric.

 5. Design: Fun and functional winter boots!


Now that all of the technical elements are out of the way, it wouldn't be a Maguire shoe without a head-turning look!

Winter clothing can tend to be boring, but we made sure to keep pops of colour and trendy designs in the mix. You can even add one of our colourful laces to add extra fun to your winter outfits! The cherry on top is you could wear these boots with dress pants and no one would even know they're winter boots!

 Shop our complete winter boots collection here and find your new winter essential!

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