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Our sustainable shoes factories

Discover where our shoes are made

Montecatini Terme, Italy Remo's Factory

Founded in 1978
30 employees
75 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Flats and sandals

The expertise and attention to detail of this small manufacturer is undeniable. Montecatini is a lovely little town near florence and we believe some of that charm is imparted to the products made there :)

Montecatini Terme, Italy Remo's 2nd Factory

Founded in 1985
7 employees
24 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Winter boots

This small manufacturer has been making our best selling winter boot Cortina for the past 4 years.
Owned by three brothers and
their grandma even works at the end of the production line!

Montecatini Terme, Italy Luccia's Factory

Founded in 1979
10 employees
41 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Flats

Another small-batch manufacturer who produces at a humane pace, our Montecatini Terme factory specializes in flats, making comfort their #1 priority!

Fornos, Portugal Joaquim's Factory

Founded in 1963
78 employees
100 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Flats, mules and sandals

We were charmed by the three brothers who share this family-owned factory in Portugal, because they all speak French just like us! Situated close to the sea and driving distance from Porto, this is one work trip we always look forward to!

Elche, Spain Miguel's Factory

Founded in 1996
60 employees
200 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Flats, heels and sandals

After years of working in the industry, the three friends behind this manufacturer decided to build their own factory and do things differently. Evidently, we found kindred spirits in their story. This is our youngest manufacturer and they love to follow the latest trends.

Elche, Spain Miky's Factory

Founded in 2012
28 employees
100 000 pairs total annual production
Maguire products: Heels

Everything that comes out of this factory is utterly comfortable. They got our attention as they are equipped to produce a wide range of sizes, from 34 to 45, which is rare in the industry!

Petrer, Spain Handbags Factory

Founded in 2015
11 employees
Total annual production of 14 000 leather goods
Maguire products: Handbags

Welcomed at the door by the family dog, we instantly fell in love with the relaxed atmosphere of this handbag manufacturer. When we visit, we feel like we’re in a workshop watching master artisans at their craft.

Napoli, Italy Gloves Factory

Founded in 1991
11 employees
100 000 pairs annual production
Maguire products: Gloves

We stumbled upon this manufacturer while shopping in the streets of Florence, and we’re happy for the serendipity! The brothers behind this glove factory speak only in Italian and are descended from a long line of glove makers.

Shenzhen, China Sunglasses Factory

Founded in 1992
350 employees
10.2 M to 10.5 M pairs annual production
Maguire products: Sunglasses

This is a special project between three friends who wish to do things differently – like us! An old friend of Myriam’s reached out to present a new kind of recycled plastic developed by a colleague called Hexetate. Together, we came up with the idea to design our own sunglasses. To this end we were joined by a third friend who manufactures sunglasses for big-name brands.

Campo Bom, Brazil Milton

Founded in 2020
30 employees
40 000 pairs annual production
Maguire products: Heels (The Flower Collection)

Known for its expertise in crafting comfortable heels, Brazil felt like the perfect addition to our lineup of factories. Myriam met Adriano, the owner of the factory, over 10 years ago on a trip to China, and was truly blown away by his work. Naturally, collaborating with a factory that manufactures for major industry players felt like a no-brainer!

Tracy's Factory Houjie, China

Founded in 2005
500 employees
750,000 total annual production
Maguire products: Sneakers

This Factory was brought to Myriam's attention when she saw a brand she liked post about them on Instagram. We were immediately interested by their transparency and the fact that its women owned so we reached out. We knew that China specializes in sneakers and that was something we were looking to make, we are happy we found them!

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