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FAQ Company & products

Are your products made in Canada?

All our products are conceived and designed at our Mile-End headquarters in Montreal, Québec. The manufacturing takes place in different factories and workshops around the world, depending on the collection. One of these is right here in Montreal. Our manufacturing partners are selected for their standards of craftsmanship and employee working conditions. Our designer travels in person to every factory and develops the collections directly with the workers on site.

Visit our Factories page to learn more about where our products are made. The country of manufacture is always listed in our products' description.

Do you offer unisex products?

Yes! We are proud to have launched our first unisex collection, The Taipei Sneaker, on Spring/Summer 2019.

Why don't you make smaller and bigger sizes ?

A few people every year reach out to us to get smaller or bigger sizes. The reason why we can't produce sizes 5 or 12 for example is that the factories we work with don't have opened mold in these sizes. Opening a new mold is around 1000$ per size and as a small company we can't justify it for 1 or 2 pairs. To keep our shoes affordable we work with opened mold so that's why the sizes are limited.

Do you offer products in vegan leather?

We emphasize the use of natural and durable materials that offer comfort, quality, and long life to our products. At present this means high-grade, genuine leather.

In the spirit of continual improvement we are investigating alternative materials that can offer a vegan option without sacrificing the performance and life-cycle characteristics of genuine leather. For example, a synthetic shoe that must be replaced after a year of use is not more ecological in the long run. Moreover, most materials marketed as "vegan leather" are made from polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, which are petroleum-based plastics, as well as chemical bonding agents, and these substances pose their own unique health and environmental risks. However as new materials come to market, our designers keep an eye out for any exciting developments that can help us expand our product offerings!

Do you use animal fur?

Our Ethiopian collection of handbags are made in part from natural goat fur. These products are made by our most ethical factory in Addis Ababa, who recuperates the pelts from local free-range goat herds that are slaughtered once per year for their meat. It is a traditional no-waste process that also contributes to the local economy, and we are proud to be a part of it. Learn more about our Ethiopian Collection here.

Do you offer discounts or promotional sales?

Nope :) Our list prices are determined based on fair and transparent criteria, and are fixed for the life of the collection. We work without agents or distributors and all our processes are lean, like our prices. Learn more about our transparent prices.

That said, two times per year we hold sample sales featuring reduced prices on imperfect and demo items and end of collections. These sales take place exclusively at our Montréal warehouse and are not available online. Be the first to know about our sales and events: Sign up for our mailing list.

How can I work for Maguire?

As a growing company we are always interested to meet motivated and talented individuals for internships and employment. Write us at to submit your candidature.

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